The 16th Arrondissement: Best Neighborhood for an Eiffel Tower View

In the 16th, it’s all about the view. More precisely: the view of the Eiffel Tower. You’ll have your first encounter with her when you climb out of the metro stop Alma-Marceau, just at the edge of the neighborhood. You’ll grab your phone to take a photo. But as you walk along the Seine river, you’ll see another epic photo op of the Eiffel Tower. This monotonous trend of putting your camera away-pulling it out again-putting it away will continue with each step you make in the 16th. Every Eiffel Tower photo seems better than the last.

Eiffel Tower2

But, that view comes with a price tag.  Many of the restaurants in this area were, unfortunately, a bit pricey for our budgets — so we don’t have any recommendations in that area. But, if you’re on a budget like us and still want to check out the culture of this neighborhood, there is plenty to do for free! In fact, all of our recommendations are mostly gratuit.

Eiffel Tower 1

HER Recommendations:

Museums: There are a number of museums in the 16th, covering everything from architecture to wine. And, here’s a tip: museums operated by the city of Paris offer free visits every day. Two of those free spots are in the 16th — Maison de Balzac and the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. We aren’t big ‘museum people’ but sometimes when you’re in Paris it is hard not to take advantage of the fabulous art history.


Trocadéro Garden: I’m not sure if there is a better spot to snap a photo in Paris than the Trocadéro Gardens. At the top of the stairs (just next to the Trocadéro metro stop), you’ll have a straight shot of the Eiffel Tower. It’s also a great spot to stop for a picnic with a view. Head to a local cheese store or boulangerie beforehand to make a picnic in the gardens. Sit back, relax and enjoy life à la Parisienne.


Photo Shoot: A fun activity while in the 16th arrondissement is to plan a photo shoot. You can do a professional photo shoot for a couple hundred euros — we highly recommend Sasha! Or, you can get dressed up and take photos with friends or a significant other for free. Some great spots for a photo op: on Avenue du President Wilson/Rue de la Manutention and on the Bir-Hakeim bridge.

cropped-25ef5aec-ec81-4bd7-b789-6d5d2b1b8996-1.jpegPhoto taken at the Trocadéro Garden by: Sasha Lannier

HIS Recommendations:

Le Parc des Princes:

Image result for PSG symbol

Allez Paris, Allez, (Go Paris, Go Par


Où tu es nous sommes là, (Where you are, we are)

Tu ne seras jamais seule, (You will never be alone)

Car nous deux c’est pour la vie. (Because the two of us are for life)  — Paris Saint Germain Fan Chants

For those of the like-minded people thinking that the bourgeois lifestyle of sitting in cafes and sipping three euro espressos pinky-out isn’t for them, cross the périphérique (freeway border surrounding Paris). Just on the outside of Paris is the home of the fabled team, Paris St. Germain. I couldn’t recommend seeing one of Europe’s most popular teams play a soccer game enough. If you are brave and have the euros to spare, go see them play their arch-rivals Olympique de Marseille — as the two largest cities in France, the capitals of the respective regions (North and South), battle for bragging rights.

IMG_8123.jpegBois de Boulogne:

What happens after you stage a coup d’état and pronounce yourself Emperor of France? Well, you gift the people a large park, of course! This park is just a bit smaller than its sister, Parc Vincennes, on the other side of the city. It is still twice as large as Central Park in New York. A great place for jogging and a picnic or perhaps renting a rowboat for a romantic paddle in a pond — I would give yourself a day to explore this immense park. There are a series of gardens, canals, and streams that are all connected to each other with a series of small waterfalls and cascades that are quite picturesque. On a more alarming note, be aware that some areas in this park turn a bit sketchy at night. Be vigilant and wary of the remote parts of the park as the sun sets.

OUR Recommendations:

Bir-Hakeim bridge and the Île aux Cygnes – Take Metro 6 (stop: Bir Hakeim) and cross the Pont de Bir-Hakeim. Don’t get too distracted by the Eiffel Tower as this famous bridge is home to many famous movie scenes and for good reason. Cross down to the Île aux Cygnes, a skinny little island at the center of the Seine. This island was home to the King’s swans, his favorite dish. Finally, there is a little treat waiting for our American tourists: a replica of the Statue of Liberty. The Parisian statue is facing in the direction of New York City.    IMG_0762.jpeg

Quiet Walking Spot in Paris – This area is also great if you’re looking for a quiet place to walk, without many tourists. The neighborhood is very residential, one of the cleanest neighborhoods we have seen and offers a bit of solitude and silence from the rest of Paris.



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